Women's Tour of Scotland

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  1. The inaugural 3 day Women's Tour of Scotland has been on this weekend, unfortunately they chose the worst weekend for weather of the summer so far though.
    Not seen it mentioned on here yet.
    Coverage has been pretty limited but there are stage highlights videos on the Voxwomen website http://www.voxwomen.com/latest-videos/

    and youtube

    View: https://youtu.be/NDQK2WVgdSQ

    View: https://youtu.be/wzi6Qb88a-k

    Stage 3 video not posted yet.

    Hopefully future editions of the race will get better weather and more coverage.
  2. Mo1959

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    Passed through my town yesterday. One of the sprints was up our High Street. Went up to watch. Good atmosphere and amazing the speed they went up the street given that it is on a climb.
  3. Slick

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    Highlights are on BBC Scotland at 7.30 on Tuesday night.

    Shame about the weather.
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  4. mjr

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    itv4 has Women's Tour of Scotland highlights Sunday 1050-1150, just after the repeat of the Vuelta highlights.
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