Recommendations please for commuting bike + pannier


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Hi all,
I haven't been on a bike in years but am planning to commute to work in the near future. I've read thru the FAQ's on here and searched on the topic but I was hopeing for some recommendations on the bike and accessories

Important info is:

  • I'm male with an inside leg of 84 cm
  • I'll be cycling on the road or cycle paths the whole way
  • I need a rear rack and pannier for the bike which i don't keep hitting with my feet.
  • I'll need mud guards and lights.
  • I want to spend about £300 to 400 on the bike itself
  • I'll also need a boot rack for my car
  • I'll need a nifty helmet
  • i'll need a decent lock
  • accessories shouldn't be too expensive :sad:

So have i missed anything i would need for this ? Could you possibly help recommend a good bike and accessories. Also i was thinking of second hand bikes are there particular ones to look out for that do well no matter their age?

thank you


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Halfords Carrera Subway gets a good write up, you can put the rack, pannier and mud guards on it.

Also look at the Specialized Sirrus but you would have to ask about the extras, I believe you can fit them.
+1 for the Carrera Subway or if you go down the secondhand route then the Specialized Globe would make a nice commuter

For panniers i've just bought a set of these which are very good value for money

Dont forget some clothing



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+1 for subway if you want a flat bar commuter, only thing i would change would be to put some slick tyres on as the ones that come as standard are a bit meh.
Scwable city jets`s are good.

I have a subway fitting with permanent pannier rack and gaurds and i am so glad i keep it as i use it as a winter bike/back up machine for when my roady needs tlc.

Check deal extreme for lights etc if you do not mind a week or 2 wait.


If you buy secondhand it's all about the condition, not the brand. They all use similar bits after all, and a Shimano transmission wears out at the same rate regardless of what frame it's on. Frames last, within reason, for ever.

You can find 5yr old bikes that have been little used that are like new and available for pennies. At the same time you might find one that someone rides down a muddy towpath every day, and it might need £150 in new parts to make it usable again.


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Thank you everyone for your replies. Its much appreciated.
Can anyone recommend a particular bike carrier for my boot? As i'll have to drive 1/2 way with the bike ;)

thanks again!
If your buying secondhand the "Frame" is the most important part ! everything on the frame will wear out eventually and this is your chance to upgrade to better quality parts .. i'd much rather buy a decent lightweight frame with knackered transmission than a heavy cheap piece of rubbish thats very shiny but in working condition

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