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Just purchased my new bike and in the process of sorting out the vital accessories. Had a few sets of bike lights over the years but theyve always been cheap and rubbish. awful fittings that last 2 mins. Would anyone have any recommendations, i dont want to spend the earth, but wont be buying a 15 quid set in a hurry again
Hope Vision 1 are well thought of front lights(£70ish) have 2 myself,Back lights someone else will have to advise as i use £3 Smart ones which have been fine.


For the rear, Smart 1/2 watt lights are good and relatively cheap.

For the front, Hope Vision 1 are about £80 and you'll have to look long and hard to beat them. Although, to save you looking too hard, the Exposure Enduro Maxx are better but they are about £270. The Enduro Maxx are dropped for 2010, the replacement is the £325 Maxx D which has 4 LEDs compared to the three in the 2009 model.

Get a head torch too, if you are doing much riding at night. I think that everyone who has one thinks it is flipping fantastic. My recommendation there would be an Exposure Joystick (about £160) with a head band (about £10, much better than using a helmet mount) and a Red Eye Micro (also about a tenner) to give you another rear light, but at head height.

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I've got the Smart BSpoke ones front and rear. Like Norm says, the rear one is very good, and the front one seems adequate but i'm considering doubling up. Dirt cheap and the batteries last for months. I last changed them in september.


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I have a Hope Vision 1 on the front, (with an Argos cheapie as back-up) and a couple of Cateyes on the back, I forget which models. I need a whole load of re-chargeable AA cells and a charger to keep them going.

The budget..

Hope Vision 1 £72

Argos cheapie £10

Cateye (1) £24

Cateye (2) £32

12 batteries £20

Charger £30

Yes, that is a lot of money, and it is only for a London commute, and a few rides on lanes.

Do not skimp on lights if you ride at night. Your life may depend on being seen....

Best wishes

Edit: all good advice from the posters above. I type slowly!


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Oh, one more thing. It is probably a good idea to stick with lights that all take the same batteries if you go down that road. AAs are the industry standard, it seems. AAAs are a bit weedy in comparison.
Some good suggestions here,it would be better if we knew what kind of budget you have too.
Good things about the Hope's are it takes ordinary AA batteries so if you need to you can nip in a shop for replacements,and because the bracket is fixed onto the light and not the handlebar it makes switching between bikes very easy.
Used to have a decent Cateye on the rear but it decided to jump out of the saddle bag light mount one day and i didn't notice til I got home:sad:

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Yes, that's the one-watt version of my BSpoke half-watt, and probably the front light I should have bought. I'm sure it's available cheaper than that.


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Rears Smart 1.2 watt, Mars 3.0, Mars 4.0 or the new RSP Astrum - flipping great (2 x 1/2 watt rears - one spot one wide angle) and you can get for £15 if you shop around (RRP is £30)

Front...2 x Hope 1's here. Knog Toads are a good backup.


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For the back, as suggested above, the Smart 1/2 watt ones are good.

I use both battery and dynamo, and use a CYO 60 at the front to see by - very good dynamo unit. I've been impressed by the Hope Vision 1 when Ive seen them on other peoples bikes as a battery light to see by.
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