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Essex innit?
Hi guys, so do you know if your bottom bracket has gone? What are the tell tale signs? I have Campag Record from 2003 so it has done well I guess, but it sounds, when you begin riding, very dry and makes a clinking sound, this does subside especially when descending but re-appears when riding uphill or getting out of the seat.

So without going and spending out on a new bb, does it need replacing or just re-greasing? Or maybe looking at it and then deciding? Help!

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Rock the cranks from side to side and see how much play is present. Any more than a tiny amount and the bb is due for the bin. As it is almost certainly a sealed cartridge unit adjustment or lubing is not possible. Four years is a decent lifespan for a bb.


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GM, make sure the side to side rocking is NOT the cups loose in the frame, attend to that first, then see if there's any movement in the actual bearings. Otherwise, yeah, it's an expensive replacement.

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The Record, square taper BB were quite fancy. Get the instructions off the 'Tech Info' part of the Campag website ( ) as the non drive side cup doesn't have a flange on it and can be easily over tightened.

If you do have to replace it, the Centaur level BB is much cheaper and only slightly heavier.
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