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Recumbent trike for sale

Discussion in 'For Sale and Auction' started by roadrash, 6 Mar 2018.

  1. roadrash

    roadrash cycle chatterer

    As per this thread..

    unfortunately my recumbent trike is now for sale, as built by voyager of this parish,

    this thing really is so much fun to ride.

    disc brakes all round , 8 speed, triple up front

    it is the same as when bought apart from it now has a tortec expedition disc specific rack and shimano m520 spd pedals, it currently has a 26"wheel on the rear but also comes with a 20"disc braked wheel and flag pole.
    I bought a sunrace indexed/friction shifter for £18 on Saturday to change from gripshift not yet fitted but included.
    I would estimate it would fit anyone upto 5ft 11"

    dimesions are 1.7m long with the back wheel out. about 70cm tall but the seat will come off, it's only a couple of allen key screw/bolts. Approx 90cm wide.

    I will let the photos do there own description..

    price is £420 collection from wigan , maybe delivery around Manchester area but would rather the buyer try it first.
    IMG_1050.JPG IMG_1051.JPG IMG_1054.JPG IMG_1097.JPG IMG_1101.JPG
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  2. Time Waster

    Time Waster Active Member

    RR is there really no way to keep it? Posted a link to police / insurance approved secure bike lock up that is highly rated. If it fits your space out front, fits your trike and accepted by your insurers then you could keep your trike.

    PS I'm a new recumbent rider and know how much fun they are. I lock mine up under a tarp in the back yard. Not secure but it's my only place to put it. I would hate to give it up now I've learnt to ride it. I still risk it being nicked. I'm not allowed to put a ground anchor in (because it's not staying there apparently!)
  3. OP

    roadrash cycle chatterer

    replied in the other thread , It wouldn't be safe , quite a few houses on the estate have been done in the last couple of weeks.
  4. OP

    roadrash cycle chatterer

    also listed on gumtree,