1. G

    Pashley PDQ3 Trike Wanted To Test Ride Or Anthrotech Trike

    Hi, has anyone a recumbent Pashley PDQ3 trike or Anthrotech trike? I would really like to test ride either trike or possibly purchase one. Thank you - Guy
  2. C

    HP Velotechnik Scorpion FS20 trike SOLD

    For Sale, located in Wiltshire. UK sales only HP Velotechnik Scorpion FS20 Full suspension Rohloff hub with full grip handle shifter, 17t latest type Rear sprocket Sunstar SO3 torque sensing 250w mid drive motor. In brief a torque sensor is a totally different technology that uses a...
  3. RyanW

    Unknown Trike brake, Need replacement friction pad

    Hey, Im trying to get a replacement pad? for the rear brake on a trike, however I've never come across anything like this before and don't even know where to start. Image attached below. Can't find any information at all on it, when you apply the brake, it clamps the outer ribbon of steel...
  4. VJOCK

    Hase Kettwiesel for Sale

    Hello all I am selling one of my Kettwiesels This one I bought from one of the guys at London Recumbents (it was his).It has been serviced by them late last year and has done about 5 miles since. The youngest no longer wants to go on it as prefers cycling with mates on MTB As the time of...
  5. Dave Davenport

    TTTT! (Time Trial Tandem Trike)

    Couple of friends of mine have just had this built, they already hold a few tandem and tandem trike TT records and have decided to really go for it this summer. (yes, we have pointed out the stoker's seating arrangement looks very uncomfortable and the lack of pedals will limit the power output)
  6. J

    Removing axle on late 1940's early 1950's Phillips child's trike

    Lots of sentimental value - goes back through three, potentially four generations. Seemed a good idea to really renovate it when retrieved from the barn, but having second thoughts now, perhaps enough to get it back to working order? Anyway, if I was to proceed to renovation I would have to...
  7. oldwheels

    Trike on A82

    I put this up on the retirement thread originally but here is more appropriate. This is a fast traffic busy road with lots of bends. It was getting so bad a 50mph speed limit was imposed but widely ignored.
  8. mrandmrspoves

    Both trikes now sale agreed.

    Please see full details and pictures in the Recumbent and Trikes section.(but isn't this gorgeous?)
  9. mrandmrspoves

    Sale now agreed on both trikes.

    I have been asked to help find buyers for these 2 machines that were the pride and joy of an old chap that died last week shortly before his 91st birthday. Both machines were in use by him until relatively recently! I have not seen either machine yet but am assured they are in very well cared...
  10. Oldhippy

    Sold my trike

    I recently had my ICE trike for sale and got contacted by a charity called Adapt-e who retro fit electric assistance to cycles for people with disabilities. Lovely guy to deal with and would highly recommend if you have a three wheeler that has become redundant. I was willing to drop my price a...
  11. neil earley

    Zox trike 4

    just found this by accident on YouTube, looks a simple design but so much fun.
  12. Oldhippy

    ICE Trice trike

    After much internal debate I have decided that a recumbent trike isn't for me at a practical day to day level and had have decided to sell. I have decided to pass it on, has to be collection only please. Hardly a mark on it and I would like £850 which is what I paid. Thanks
  13. voyager

    Trice Explorer recumbent trike

    For Sale Trice explorer good condition, 24 speed twist grip controls , 8x3 , front drum brakes with parking brake rear . Mudguards , good tyres , cash and collect only in South West Wales £700
  14. Handymann

    ICE Q NT Trike for sale. Now sold.

  15. jambutty53

    Carsington water circular on a Trike

    Hi all Just need some help or advice with a route around Carsington Water in Derbyshire on a trike-before I travel -- I have been on youtube and had a look at some videos -- but there is non I have seen posted using a trike - - the route seems to have some very narrow sections which would be...
  16. Dec66

    Wanted: adult folding trike - Sorted

    Hi, I'm after a folding trike for my daughter with special needs. She's 8 years old but is 5' 1" tall and climbing. Been looking everywhere but all I see is "out of stock", "discontinued", "requires professional assembly", or "three month waiting time". Anything considered. Thanks.
  17. voyager

    Latest Trike

    Hi Folks . Possibly the last trike we might build , we have finished this trike eventually after 12 months. Fitted with an ICE seat and outer bars from a deceased adventure and is ready for a tongsheng tsdz2 middie drive . Awaiting more testing and build photos will follow on the thread . 20/20...
  18. mrandmrspoves

    Selling my Redmount Roller - now sold.

    Details in the For Sale Section.
  19. steveindenmark

    1951 BFC Trike for sale

    I was sent these photos by a friend who thought I may be interested in this 1951 BFC trike. It was hard to resist🇩🇰
  20. S

    Hase Kettwiesel recumbent trike £250

    Hase Kettiesel recumbent trike It's an old V brake model but it is in good condition with 9 speed derailleur gearing, Marathon tyres. Very adaptable for different size riders with its adjustable boom and lengthening or shortening of chain as needed. My Mum bought this earlier in the year to...
  21. Bad Machine

    Delta trike rebuilt

    Latest update: Start Page - here. I'm planning the winter project - I have half a Hase Kettwiesel (....yeah, it's a long story !), and need to find replacements for parts missing. Threadless, or threaded headset - any...
  22. Y

    ICE Trike VTX - SOLD

    ICE Trike VTX - SOLD
  23. PMarkey

    First time trial on a trike

    I did the Lincoln Wheelers CC (Tricycle only ) 10 Saturday my first time riding a time trial and had a thoroughly good time ^_^ Only managed 32:41 but considering the total amount of preparation was taking the Carradice off and swapping the Brooks for a Charge spoon (big mistake,way to grippy)...
  24. Gorweddol

    Optima Rider Recumbent Trike.

    Hi All, Searching for information about the Optima Recumbent Trike, If anyone has information on the hydraulic braking system or fitting front wheels/ to a system with drum brakes. Love to hear any feedback with reference to this trike. I have a couple of issues that I hope some one out there...
  25. Skanker

    SOLD - ’The Demon’ LT Recumbent Trike

    ‘The Demon’ LT Recumbent Trike For sale is my recumbent trike. Very recently completely rebuilt, with brand new unused rear Hope Tech brake and rotor, and brand new unused front wheels built from scratch. An excellent quality recumbent trike that is being sold purely as I don’t have room to...
  26. O

    Radius Recumbent Trike - Electric assistance

    Hi, I am assisting a friend looking to sell a Recumbent Trike, I can't really describe it, I never seen anything like it, so I have some photo's at . I realise it is a specialised piece of kit and size / fit is important. I can get...
  27. Dec66

    Trike advice

    Hi, My daughter has a genetic condition called Sotos Syndrome. Among the many symptoms associated with it are problems with coordination and balance. She enjoys cycling, but trying to get her to ride a conventional bike is tricky, even with stabilizers. We took her to Dulwich Park a while...
  28. Freelanderuk

    Di Blasi electric folding trike *** Sold***

    Selling the wifes Di Blasi folding trikes, one is electric the other just pedal power The electric one cost £2750 and would like to get £1100 Pedal power cost £1650 and would like £550 These are both adult Di Blasi trikes Any questions please ask Collection from Theddlethorpe in Lincolnshire...
  29. HMS_Dave

    Electric Motor Kit For Upright Trike

    Hello all, Can anybody recommend a legal ebike system for a tricycle? Im a heavy guy - and i need something that is road legal and powerful enough to help when i struggle. The idea behind the trike is to genuinely use it to replace a car in...
  30. Phaeton

    Transporting a Trike

    How do you transport a trike to get it to a place to ride? I don't fancy putting it on the roof, I have a small trailer but store that at my fathers so not easy to fetch to use. Is it feasible to make a bracket to fit on the towball for the front wheel & allow the rears to be towed along or will...
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