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Hi Folks .
Possibly the last trike we might build , we have finished this trike eventually after 12 months. Fitted with an ICE seat and outer bars from a deceased adventure and is ready for a tongsheng tsdz2 middie drive . Awaiting more testing and build photos will follow on the thread .
20/20 with 8 speed 11-32t with a 42t up front and 160mm front discs
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Make mine a '99'
I’m looking forward to the write up and build photos.
The unfinished project was collected by me in the first week in June last year from Danny in Essex and stored due to a move and other lifestyle little opportunities getting in the way .
A trike seat frame was won on Ebay from ice with some damage to the paint about 3 years ago and had sat dejected in the workshop .
About 3 months ago , before the lockdown we decided to bring the parts together and use the time should it happen to our advantage. A secondhand seat cover was purchased that fitted the ice frame .
Things were starting to fall into place. The most expensive part was the front wheels , rather than modifying the 20mm stub axles a pair of DMR disc brake hubs were purchased at £100 a pair . That put a big hole in the budget, to offset that expense we used a second hand rear wheel and secondhand rims from a scrap BMX bike . A pair of new disc brakes were married to a pair of avid brake levers that came from one of the tongsheng tsdz2 conversions from the end of last year.
By The first week in March a large box of parts had been amassed ready for the build.
With the wheels on . It is starting to look like a trike. The frame was built using exhaust pipe bent to shape by an Essex exhaust manufacturer.
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This browser / mobile phone combo together with cyclechat on android is the most unfriendly system l have tried to use lately .
Tonight l have changed the settings to use the desktop site on the mobile, very small but almost usable- just.
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With a home built frame on the bench , we continued to work around the trike, with the covid19 lockdown we continued slowly and more items were fabricated by hand . Still coming along slowly.
We had a pair of hydraulic brakes that were going to onto the trike however due to bleeding problems and were consigned to the other bin and a pair of cable ones fitted
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