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Ken must have found the whole process either boring or tiring and fell asleep on the bench

seat in the sunshine. Personally I was in complete agreement and dozed on the other bench seat
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Back on the bench for more hardening time whilst the parts arrive , the modified chain tube mount has been fitted , this reduces the chain noise a little and presents the tube at a better angle . The rear rack shown with the 3 point mounting which has a nut inside the seat tube accessible through the black cap . The seat is secured with 3 thumb grundles onto the trike frame.
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I’ve used those as exhaust clamps.
We have one on our generator to take the exhaust outside.
Fitted the decals today and took a few more photos for the build thread .
This site is still unfriendly with photo posting via a mobile so it's one at a time ..

This is the mirror mount modification to give more clearance to the hand when turning .

A cut down and repurposed stem is used to mount the plate . Not the most beautiful design but functional.

Regards Emma
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