1. Y

    Nothing for sale

    Nothing to see here.
  2. a.twiddler

    Dawes Low Rider SWB Recumbent -NOW SOLD

    Dawes Low Rider SWB Recumbent -Reduced I’ve reluctantly come to the conclusion that despite all my efforts this metallic green Dawes Low Rider is still fractionally too big for me. As followers of this saga will know, I’ve put a lot of effort into this bike in the last year but it’s too nice to...
  3. KEW

    Recumbent for Sale - Radius Hornet/V16

    Parting with an absolute classic of a recumbent the german Radius Hornet/V16. I inherited it from my father but no longer have the space to keep it alongside my other bikes. It is in very good working condition please see pictures. It has Magura hydraulic rim brakes, front and rear suspension...
  4. a.twiddler

    A Year With A Linear Recumbent

    Mr Perineum takes a holiday. Or, a year with an Iowa Linear Recumbent. Amazingly, I realised yesterday that I have had the Linear for a year now. How time flies when you are having fun! Here is a bit of a summary. To the Darkside After many years of pounding a leather saddle with my tender...
  5. B

    recumbent trikes

    I was wondering if anyone out there owns a Terra Trike and if you have had any issues with the frame or any caliper mounts cracking ?
  6. Y

    Df Velomobile - REDUCED PRICE

    I have my Df Velomobile up for sale, fast, efficient and reliable, please follow link to description and photos. Rare chance to buy me :-) Cheers Ian
  7. B

    Looking for a recumbent.

    Hi all. Just on the lookout for a decent recumbent. Primarily looking for a 2-wheeler, but would maybe consider a trike. Anybody got anything lurking at the back of the garage?
  8. BearKnots

    SOLD! Radius Peer Gynt, LWB Recumbent

    For Sale! My Radius Peer Gynt, LWB Recumbent. £950.00 OVNO. As I commute almost exclusively by Penny Farthing due to a work place move last year, I no longer use the Peer Gynt other than the occasional ride. Fully serviced and clean, Upgraded Handbuilt wheelset with 9/10 speed freehub and...
  9. a.twiddler

    Confessions of recumbent virgin or ....first ride on my Iowa Linear

    (Ooer, missus) I bought this Iowa Linear not having had a test ride of any type of recumbent. I live miles from anywhere that could give me a trial. I got this bike for a good price and thought I would just give it a go. After ten days or so of fettling, I had been waiting for a calm dry day for...
  10. KEW

    Newbie Here with Unknown Recumbent - Can anyone help? HPV?

    Hello all, My father has somehow acquired this lovely machine (he bought it on his travels through Europe) and it is wonderful but we do not know what it is and I have struggled to wade my way through the strange world of recumbents. I am in this forum to ask if anyone has any more insight into...
  11. Rohloff_Brompton_Rider

    Trikes or recumbent

    Hi all, Not posted for years due to (mainly) health issues. I can no longer risk an upright bike due to stricture issues. So I’m looking at recumbents, probably an ICE Adventure HD. Anyone ride one in Lancashire? Just wondering what people’s experiences are on the roads. Tia.
  12. Bad Machine

    SORTED: Recumbent seat frame / complete

    Does anyone have a serviceable mesh-type recumbent seat (or frame for one) they'd be happy to part with ? I'm rebuilding a delta recumbent trike (Hase Kettwiesel), and hoping that someone has an old ICE or Hase seat frame they'd sell on ? :laugh: or :cry: I sold on the spare I had several years...
  13. Ming the Merciless

    For Sale: Radical Designs Banana racer bags in orange

  14. Ming the Merciless

    Recumbent Radical Designs Banana racer bags in orange

    Radical Designs Banana racer bags in orange Cost £185 new, not many outings outings, bargain £100 posted. Don't fit new recumbent which has mesh seat.
  15. Browser

    M5 recumbent carbon rear mudguard/bag support

    Used but still perfectly useable M5 Recumbent rear mudguard which I believe can support a seat-top bag up to around 7kg in weight. There's nothing wrong with it, I'm fitting a rack and full SKS mudguards so don't need this. £25 posted to the UK or £37 posted overseas
  16. Gorweddol

    Optima Rider Recumbent Trike.

    Hi All, Searching for information about the Optima Recumbent Trike, If anyone has information on the hydraulic braking system or fitting front wheels/ to a system with drum brakes. Love to hear any feedback with reference to this trike. I have a couple of issues that I hope some one out there...
  17. Skanker

    SOLD - ’The Demon’ LT Recumbent Trike

    ‘The Demon’ LT Recumbent Trike For sale is my recumbent trike. Very recently completely rebuilt, with brand new unused rear Hope Tech brake and rotor, and brand new unused front wheels built from scratch. An excellent quality recumbent trike that is being sold purely as I don’t have room to...
  18. O

    Radius Recumbent Trike - Electric assistance

    Hi, I am assisting a friend looking to sell a Recumbent Trike, I can't really describe it, I never seen anything like it, so I have some photo's at . I realise it is a specialised piece of kit and size / fit is important. I can get...
  19. fixedfixer

    Sold: LWB home built Recumbent

    I built this about seven years ago and have ridden about 500 miles on it. I realised the fun was in building the bike following plans available on the Recycled Recumbent website. For the last two years she’s been gathering dust in the garage. What’s it worth? I’d be happy with £150 but ideally...
  20. lazytyke

    Radius Peer Gynt - LWB Recumbent (Now Sold)

    Rationalisation of bikes and need for more shed space, (prior to further fleet enhancement) means that I am having to part company with my Peer Gynt. (see for sale section)
  21. lazytyke

    Radius Peer Gynt - LWB Recumbent - (Now Sold)

    Rationalisation of bikes and need for more shed space, (prior to further fleet enhancement) means that I am having to part company with my Peer Gynt. She's not in pristine condition and showing the signs of age, with various cosmetic scratching and some rust on the seat posts (see pics), but...
  22. chriscross1966

    KMX X-type recumbent trike, auction starting at 250 Anyone up for some low-slung fun?... she's been hung away too long, time for someone else to blow her cobwebs off....
  23. P

    Ortlieb recumbent bags

    Got a pair of these at half price as NOS and thought them worth a try. Their advantage as well as being waterproof is that they can be mounted and dismounted individually as they use Ortlieb's QL2 hooks. The adjustable bottom hook was useless (wrong position for my rack and not stiff enough nor...
  24. Denis99

    Openhagen wheel ideal for recumbent trike

    For sale, now that I have sold my ICE Adventure recumbent. Copenhagen wheel, this is the easy and seamless way to turn your recumbent trike into e powered. Probably ridden for about 500 miles maximum. Just like new, 10 speed Shimano cassette, boxed, charger included. Typical range is about...
  25. Cupples

    Recumbent trike and childseat

    Hi all. I'm just asking for advice as to whether this seems safe. Steel framed KMX trike with Topeak rack, with rack mount childseat. I've taken our youngest for a quick tour around, and it seems ok, but the forces and stresses with this sort of setup seem very different from the usual...
  26. Tilley

    Recumbent friendly sportive

    Anyone looking for a recumbent friendly sportive try the Cotswold Cogfest. I have taken part for the last 2 years on my ICE trice. Warmly welcomed on each occasion. Last year 4 of us took part and they were very encouraging. 2 route choices 60 and 30 miles both well signed and planned to be...
  27. voyager

    Sold -Recumbent e-trike

    Hi Folks Due to the loss of my storage area at mums ( the house sale is going through ) I have no other option than to sell one of our trikes The e-trike has 202mm front discs , 180 mm rear , mid suspension a replacement mesh seat has been fitted .it has Under Seat Steering front and rear...
  28. jeffoi

    recumbent trikes and charity rides

    Apologies if this has been asked before... Has anyone done any organised charity rides on their recumbent trikes? Had any issues? I mean I reckon that the organised transport from the finish line back would not take my trike, but I think I can convince my OH to come and get me in a hired...
  29. Y

    SOLD Rare Windcheetah FRO Recumbent Trike

  30. voyager

    Recumbent E-trike

    hi folks Due to circumstances beyond my control, l am losing my storage facilities at my late Mothers ( house clearance ) sadly I must sell this trike , Fully equipped 21 speed electric assist trike with Q100 motor and digital controller , 36v 10ah LlfePO4 battery fitted with throttle and...
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