Redgrave on Costa Concordia


Evil Genius in training.
Warrington, UK
wiggins on helmets is like camaron on the economy?
oh wait....


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Quote from Giovanni Treduci.

" The most common injuries the medical team sees at races are fractured collarbones. Before helmets were made compulsory it was head trauma injuries, my area of expertise.
Radovan Karadzic on Peace and Reconciliation?

Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei on Women's Beach Volleyball?

Me on anything?

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair on Integrity?

I was once advised to change my trainers to avoid tendon damage by a senior colleague who was 5'5", about 20 stone and a smoker. Quite lost without lifts. I don't even run; I was on an Ergo during a break and got called back to my desk. It was funny. But the boss-type person's name would not be widely known, so the above examples will have to do.


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Ken Dodd on tax advice.
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