Refurbed Garmin Edge 820

Discussion in 'Components, Accessories and Clothing' started by Nomadski, 12 Jan 2019.

  1. Nomadski

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    I had a battery issue with my Edge 820 that otherwise was performing well, so £90 later I sent it back to Garmin and received a refurbished 820, as per their policy.

    Well the thing took forever to connect to my phone, took forever to connect to my sensors, used 42% battery on a 2hr 20min ride with only GPS on (no Glonass) wifi off and bluetooth on.

    Not only that, but the actual GPS data recording is horrendous vs what my old 820 used to do....

    New 820.jpg

    I rode east along the grey road, then south down the orange road FTR.

    I realise the next step is to contact Garmin again, but I'm afraid the next one they send me might not even switch on.

    Anyone had any experience with refurbished products from Garmin?
  2. Drago

    Drago Guru

    Yes. A long time ago an out of warranty Etrex of mine packed up. Refurb replacement is still going strong 11 or 12 years later.
  3. Joffey

    Joffey Über Member

    I got a refurbed 510 a couple of years ago - it was great. Since moved on to a 520.
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