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With the chain and sprockets on the wrong side?


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errr... no.
If you back-pedalled whilst freewheeling on a long downhill Luke, do you think your pedals would unwind and be left dangling from your cleats? (I know you do the back pedal bit often because that "Sound of Campagnolo winds up Al MacB - ah, how I'll miss that pleasure! ;) )


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True, although why do they have opposite threads then.

My new wheels are completely silent :smile: but I'll have one of these with me on the next ride


Just so that Al doesn't get withdrawal symptoms, or fall asleep :sad:
redjedi said:
It could be a home made job and he wanted to be different. Can you get chainsets made for the left side? if not I wonder how long before the peddles un-screw themselves?

(would they un-screw? My brain is hurting trying to work it out :tongue:)

All you would need to to is swop the pedal bodies on to the other spindle. Or just use rat-trap pedals then it doesn't matter which way round they are.
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