Removing crancks


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I have a bit of a problem removing the cranks on one of my bikes. I cannot attach a crank puller as the threads on the crank has been badly damaged by rust ;) - I had a few attempts and all I managed to do was to remove whatever threads where there.....

It's looking like I will have to cut off the crank from the BB axle unless somebody here can suggest an alternative method.


I would clean up the threads with a thread file if possible. These are available from engineering suppliers. Alternatively you can probably get a balljoint splitter tool from a car maintenance shop (or local mechanic) which I've used in the past, or a small 3 leg puller.


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Hardly any threads left, they just disintegrated....never seen anything like it ...

The other two suggestions are good.... will look into it. Thanks


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Another way of getting things moving would be the use of some penetrating oil and a hammer. Giving it a bit of a whack will break the bonds between the metal and get things going.


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When I had the same problem I heated the crank arm over the gas hob and then tapped it off with a rubber mallet.
A plumber's blow torch would be more focussed. Penetrating oil is a waste of time. Best advice is to remove the bolt and go round the block.
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