Replace Shimano Acera 24 speed & Shimano STI shifters with Sram?

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I have a problem with gears not correctly indexing, sometimes I get a 2-step drop, or a continuous clicking, as if the RD isn't correctly locating, ready to change cog again. Today the gear changes somewhat spoiled the ride, as cadence and pace were frequently disrupted.

My bike is a tandem,at least 5 years old (I think), has done a LeJog (not with us!), and lives outside, previously covered with a sheet for almost the whole of last year, we have ridden probably 1000 miles in 4 years.
My first job is to strip and clean the cassette/RD/chain (maybe) etc, and replace the cable.

I think there may be some improvement with a strip clean but, my desire is to spend some hardearned cash, and start from new, with Sram.

If anyon can offer some guidance, and direct me away from having to replace the hardware, that would be good! Or any pointers to what can make the gears work properly! :smile:



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Sounds like it just needs new cables (inners and outers) be aware that gear outer is different to brake outer in that gear outer is non-compressible (to keep indexing accurate) but you can still get it on a roll so it can be cut to any length. If the Tandem lives outside I'd also be tempted to go for Stainless inner cable as well.
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If the Tandem lives outside I'd also be tempted to go for Stainless inner cable as well.
thanks RN, I've just cleaned gear and brake cables, RD and chain (Mickle method - 1st try at this, and wow, what an improvement!), and things have improved immensely! I have spare s/s cables, so I'll see how it goes for a week before changing them.
Cheers for your thoughts!
The rollers in my chain actually roll! (I hope this is a good thing, not a worn chain!!)
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