Replacement gear on cassette?


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Helen noticed that a tooth on one of the gears on her cassette was broken. While its not currently causing major problems, is it possible to replace that one gear or is it the whole cassette that needs replacing?

The gear setup on that bike never has been terribly good and im wondering if the poor alignment has caused the damage. Its being booked into an LBS this week hopefully for a service.



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The other teeth look worn too.
New cassette and chain required IMO.


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I would agree with Pete it is looking a bit worn, best to replace the whole cassette and the chain if that is worn as well. I have swapped loose cogs on a cassette but that was to fiddle with the top gear on a new cassette rather than repairing an older cassette.


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its all worn and that means a new one new chain and prob chainrings too, no shortcuts change em all and have no probs,
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wow, worn out already?. How long as these things meant to last? This is on Helen's 2009 Carreera Fury. It is used most week days however.


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If it's regularly used then it will wear. Nevertheless a year is impressive. If it weren't for the chipped tooth it would go a bit longer but it looks like service time to me.

I've just decided a chain is worn out and replaced it. The new one slipped, seems the cassette is worn and it doesn't look *much* worse than yours. As a result I've put the old one back, may as well run the whole lot to death. As regards a chainset, my old steel one has just worn out after 15 years/15000 miles/2 cassettes and about half a dozen chains so unless your missus is clocking up better than 1000 miles a month yours will be OK.:smile: If she *is* clocking up better than 1000 miles a month then whether it's Rebecca or Victoria you are married to tell her to stop being cheap and replace the lot.:evil:

You are looking at about £40-50 to replace chain and cassette, depending on how tight you are feeking and how much use it gets you could always run it a bit longer, accepting that this will wear the chainwheel a bit faster.

Ally chainwheels wear faster than steel, they won't all do 15000 miles. YMMV...:evil:


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Wear is not all about miles i have knackered a chain in 2 months, get a chain checker for the toolbox and keep tabs on it.


i'm busy running a set into the ground, the cassette and chain are a year old but the chainring is 2 years old and outright scary, full on shark tooth, I gave it all a clean today and meant to take a picture, I actually pricked my finger on on of the teeth
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