Replacement left crank arm


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I have stupidly damaged the threading on my left crank arm.. and it needs replaceing... I am having difficulty finding out which crank arm I need to buy.

I found this code on the side of the shimano arm..


thanks for any help on this!



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This is the bike

corratec one

Bottom Bracket: Shiamno 442, 175, 44-32-22

thanks again


I would first take it to your local garage and ask if they can do helicoiling. This is commonplace on cars and a crank arm has easily enough meat to accept a helicoil. Cost a fiver or a tenner.

MMm, hang on though, left hand thread on LH crank. You may need an engineering works to knock up a threaded insert. Same principle. Prob cheaper than a new arm.

Are you sure the thread is totally badgered? I had one damaged when I lent a bike to a mate, and cleaned it up by winding a pedal in from the OTHER side. This cleaned up the threads and provided you are careful swapping pedals it works fine. It was only the start of the thread that was damaged.


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Sorry, didn't read the detail! If it's a pedal thread that's gone you can retap it (many place sell stes of LH and RH pedal taps) or try what battered suggests. There are also helicoil repair kits available for cranks. Google around.
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