replacement tyres


They get good reviews for puncture protection but are very heavy and probably not the least rolling resistant tyre out there(ie they will be slow!).

Best all-round tyre IMHO is the Michelin Pro 3 but they cost about £25 or so each.


I've just starting using the Bontrager race lite hardcase tyre and so far I have been very impressed with them. Just done 1200 miles on them, no punctures, only the odd little cut in them and hardly showing any wear on them. Good grip in the wet and not too sure about the rolling resistance on them, they seem as fast as what I was using, Spesh armadillo's.

dave r

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sheva said:
looking at getting these tyres
not really got any experience in bike maintenance so not sure what I`m looking for.
Any thoughts CC`ers?

I'm running these on both my fixed, 700c x 28, and my geared bike, 700c x 23, been very impressed with them so far. Good puncture resistance, the only deflation event so far was rim tape related, grip and handling are good and they roll well.


Edit: Ignore that - I had the dearer folding XC ones more recently but had a pair of these on before and was as happy as Zack and DaveR with them.


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Think I`ll give them a go. At 26 quid a pair, even if i`m not 100% happy I`m sure they`ll do for the mileage I get in.

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sheva said:
One more question. Can I get these in 23`s? currently running 25`s.

Yes, I'm running 700c x 23 on my Dawes.
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