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Anyone reported a road fault (pothole etc) to their local authority recently?

I've now reported a particularly nasty road fault (i.e. one that's dangerous for cyclists) to Kent County Council three times now yet, almost six weeks later, the fault remains. Any tips/advice/suggestions on how to progress this issue so that a repair is made?

Is it acceptable to ask other forum members who cycle in the North West Kent area (assuming there are any?) to also report the fault? Thanks.


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Use fillthathole
Also, phone the council and talk to the relevant department?

You could even go along to a transport council meeting and voice your concerns
And tweet them to do likewise
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I use fill that hole as above, and usually South Glos council respond very quickly.

There were also reports of someone who spray-paints a huge phallus around unrepaired road defects, which also seems to have the desired effect. :laugh:
I have using the council's website.

Others can do it if you wish to gang up on the council but if it's the same in Kent they will need to live at an address that comes under the same council.

You may wish to include safety jargon in your wording such as hazard, risk to life, Liability and how the pot hole may interact with other causes to cause an accident.


I'm NWK. When I was commuting (Longfield - Kings Hill), I struck up an email relationship with somebody in the highways dept and got a few things done, but that was a long time ago.

The road to Brands Hatch is in a dreadful state of repair, they keep filling the holes, but there is too much water and as soon as it freezes, the cracks appear and it is back to where it was.


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Get this chap on the case...

I report loads, but very few seem to get repaired expediently. During g one phone call with the highways department the lady on the phone told me haughtily that the budget was very limited. "If it's that bad", I asked, "then why did your company bid for the contract? How do you make a profit?" I never got a sensible reply to that.

Be aware that some carncils don't accept referrals from the pothole reporting apps, so it's worth checking before doing so.
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A few years ago now, but I ended up having to hound a councillor for the area to get anything done.... and it still took 6 months from start to finish.

Maybe it is time to get in touch again, the hedge has been allowed to get out of hand and the gutter could do with a sweep. I don't think it has been touched since 2011.

I have to laugh at my comments now 'I have been commuting by bicycle between Ashton and Hazel Grove for over 12
months' :laugh:. Still doing the exact same commute route.


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Im in Denmark.

I reported a pothole on a country road close to my house to my local council. 2 days later there was a big yellow ring painted round the pot hole. But every other blemish on the road for 2.5km, also had rings round them. By the end of the week, they had all been repaired. 😁👍
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