Ribble frames?


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West Yorkshire
I have been advised to get a ribble bike as im after an audax for a daily commuter so i can put a rear rack on it and carry things about.

Steel im sure is a must for weight but ribble dont seem to do any steel frames on there website?

Are they out of the question as an audax bike then?

Thanks Turbo:biggrin:

Smokin Joe

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Only specialist builders now produce steel frames and they are not cheap. I have had the Ribble Audax frame for over four years now and it still rides like new. It is made to have a rack fitted and will easily take any normal weight you put in panniers.

For the record, I know someone who has done LEJOG on a carbon framed bike with a rack P clipped on and a couple of panniers fitted with no issues at all. Alu will be fine.
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