Ride and smile


We do and if I'm honest, I do feel a bit sorry for those that haven't tippled yet.


What's this we business? If you have the time to smile, you ain't working hard enough.
Always think of the big guy who first told me about the ebike smile. It's not for me just yet but I have seen it, it is a real thing. Try it. :thumbsup:

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I smiled once. It's not for me.
Ditto. I don't smile, but it doesn't mean I'm not enjoying myself. My recent ride up to Le Col de l'Iseran was the highlight of my recent trip to France, but the photo taken by one of the photography companies near the col of me riding up shows me looking pretty serious. Internally, though, it was a 1 person cyclist party... seriously. :whistle: Occasionally, social interactions get the better of me, and I actually wave. In fact in France, it was nigh on impossible not to say "bonjour" to passing cyclists. Damn those friendly French people!

I miss them, and wish so much that I was still there... :cry:


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The message I'm getting having watched that, is that one should wear a cycle helmet when riding a bike, smiling, laughing with your mates, or snogging a young lass.


✊🏻✊🏾 🌈 😷
Yeah, smiling's not really for me. In fact I hate it if people tell me to 'smile' or to 'cheer up' when I'm perfectly contentedly minding my own business. It's been happening since childhood and it's guaranteed to piss me off and ruin my day.
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