Ridgeback Meteor (2010) Manual

Miss Chief

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New here :hello:

Does anyone have a scan of a user/maintenance manual for a Ridgeback Meteor (my second hand one is a 2010 version but I will take anything at this point ;) ), I don't seem to be able to find one anywhere online and I am wondering what the torque settings are at the moment (although having a copy for future reference would be nice ;) ).

Ajax Bay

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Torque settings for what? It's an aluminium frame, 3x8 speed and rim braked.
  • Lightweight 6061 aluminium trekking frame
  • Chromoly forks
  • Shimano Acera 24 speed gears with EZ Fire trigger shifters
  • Suspension seatpost
  • City Comfort 2 saddle
  • Alex ACE-18 rims
  • Shimano RM30 Q/R hubs
  • Continental Contact tyres
  • Shimano Acera chainset
  • Shimano sealed cartridge BB
Miss Chief

Miss Chief

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Thanks for your reply, I already have the specs, I was really just hoping to get a copy of the manual, mainly so I have it for future refernece, to know about any quirks of the make/model... although would be nice to have everything in one PDF that I can refer to when needed rather than going and looking up all the component parts individually.

Torque settings for what?
Isn't there recommended torque for the fixings, for example, the seatpost clamp?
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