Riding nr Prestatyn


Ride It Like You Stole It!
South Manchester
Proper training or family pootles ?

We go regular, but I take the MTB these days for rides down the coast and on the NCN5.

Training run - take the top road out towards Rhudlan, then head left to St Asaph. You can either bear right just before the village and get some hills in, before coming back, or carry on for a flatter ride.

Oh and try the 'little' hill up the top of Prestatyn. Cross over at the top of the high street and head for the radio mast. That 'straight bit' near the top is almost 1 in 3. :evil:

I did it in my yoof a few times on 42 x 21 - wasn't pretty. It's hard in a car.

Just avoid Rhyl town centre - bit busy.
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