rigid cycle box


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of to the tour in about two weeks for the first time and, borrowed a rigid cycle box from a friend. nice bit of kit too. my questions are.

has any one had any problems at the airport with taking these.

and does any one know if they can be stored at barcelona airport ie left luggage or something similar.


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1 - No, took a dhb case to South Africa and had no problems.

2 - Yes, if there's a left luggage place.


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The dhb boxes are very nice - provided you don't have to lift one onto a transit van. I speak from experience.

Bear in mind that airlines have maximum weight limits for luggage - I don't know how strictly they are enforced, but it's probably a good idea to kep an eye on the overall weight.

You should be able to find out from the airport website if there is a 'consigna' - but it may be expensive. An option if you are doing a circular tour is to see if you can find a friendly hotel who will store the stuff.
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