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leyton condor

I am about to change the tyres on my bike. Is there any benefit in spending the extra on folding rather than just getting the rigid, other than they fold. The tyres will be continental ultra gator.
Also, any advice on winter tights for commuting.


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I find the folding ones easier to put on/take off, I think they tend to be upgraded in other areas too (tpi counts, rubber compounds etc...). Though I think a lot depends on the specific brand, not sure on folding Continentals I'm afraid, it may say on their website?

Oh yeah and they tend to be a wee bit lighter too.
If you were carrying them as a spare when touring, the fact that they fold would be useful. Usually though, that they fold will only in-practice mean it costs the mail order company less to post them to you !

They are a bit lighter, as they have kevlar beads rather than steel wire, so e.g. 700x23 Vittoria Rubino Pro (folding) are ca 200g rather than 300g for Vittoria Rubino (non-folding).
A weight saving of 100g isn't a lot, but if you're saving that 100g at any point on the bike, doing it at the wheel rim will make the biggest difference.
But it would be one I'd want on my lightweight race bike and wouldn't be bothered about on my clunky commuter which weighs so much, has beefy wheels, panniers, guards, etc so it won't make that much odds.

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I think the only significant issue is whether they use a different rubber in the rigid version. And as it's the rubber that is the biggest contributor to 'grip,' I would check this out where possible.

I certainly know the rigid version of the mtb FireXC tyre is intended for OEM's trying to hit a certain price point with their new bikes and that version is only a pale shadow of the folding tyre. How common this 'down speccing' is with other tyres, I don't know. But the sometimes huge difference in price between one version and another does make me wonder.


I'm very happy with the dhb cheap as chips 2006 bib longs from Wiggle, £18 and brill, certainly warm enough I think for legs, the XL fits mt 6'2" spot on
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