Rims (alex rims ace-17) and tyres


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S Yorks
Looking for advice. The XC hardtail isn’t getting much use at present, all my mileage seems to be on the roady based commuter. Due to this I’ve been thinking of, when the spring arrives, using the MTB as an alternative commuter. Working out some routes that’ll inclue some ofroad/cyclepaths/towpaths etc. Bulk of this will still be road tho’.

So I’m thinking some slim semi slicks, will probably be required.

The bikes whels are OEM, fitted with Alex Rims Ace-17. The originally fitted tyres are both Tioga:
Extreme XC Front 26 x 2.1
Factory XC rear 26 x 1.95

Any way I can tell if (e.g.) a 1.7 or 1.5 semi slick will fit OK without actually getting one and trying it?
Both sizes will fit quite happily.
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