Rivington 100 - Coming soon!


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Sunday 13th June 2010

A 100 mile route (52 mile route also available) which will include many famous climbs such as the Nick of Pendle as used in the tour of Britain and also some sections of the Commonwealth Games Road Race 2002. The day will have over 10,000ft of climbing so it is not for the faint hearted. The route will take you through the stunning countryside of Lancashire and Bowland Forest.

This year we are organising a 'King of the Mountain' trial along the 100 mile route - more details of this will be sent out to registered riders in due course

For more details or to take part, simply contact Simon Baker at Bolton Lads & Girls Club at simon.baker@blgc.co.uk or 01204 540116

MAP AVAILABLE TO VIEW - http://www.cyclosport.org/eventdetails. ... entid=2312

ONLINE ENTRY AVAILABLE - https://www.sientries.co.uk/event.php?e ... ent_id=314
Which way round the loop do you go? Is it West to East or the other way?

Looks like a good route, views from the top of the Trough looking westward should be good compensation for goin up the steep side!

I'd be well up for it as it passes right near us, but i'm doing the Northern Rock Cyclone the day before.

Good luck to all those doing it!
dodgy said:

Agreed, but it's not £3 like it says either...
Cyclosport isn't exactly up to much sometimes.

The map has '50 mile return' on it, plus another loop further North which must be the additional 50miles that the 100mile route does.

I've entered, after one of our members did it last year and was raving about how good it was.

I sent an email to Charlotte and got back the route, hill profile, all that sort of stuff.

Charlotte : feedback - you really do need to get your Bolton Lads & Girls Club website sorted-out, get this lot listed online properly. I'm sure you'd get far more entries.


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Bury, Manchester
Decided I'm going to do it. Probably going to be entering sometime this week. Need to start training though, been lazy for the past few weeks, it'll be easier once I finish these exams.


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Two weekends away Andy..

you done any events this year and what distances?
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