Road Bike Brake Calipers (newbie)


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I want to replace my brake calipers, but I'm not sure whether it's possible to replace brake calipers with other brake calipers other than the original ones( for example I currently own broken Shimano 3300 Front/rear and want to replace that with Campognolo Veloce Front/rear). I feel stupid asking this, but just to be sure. What do I need to keep in mind?


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Reach, mounting type, cable pull and anything else mentioned in - shim and campagnolo differ in gears but I Don't know if brakes do


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You can swap makes of caliper brake as long as the reach is the same (that is how far the brake pads are below the centre pivot) Calipers have a range of adjustment - but if for example you have a long reach caliper you need another long reach caliper as a shorter one would mean that the brake pads hit the tyre rather than the rim.


Shimano Sora BR-3300 Front Brake Caliper has a drop of 39 - 49mm, which is standard, not (unusual) long drop.
You can replace with any race style brake, but Shimano brakes are the best and most cost effective.
Campagnolo brakes will operate but lack the tension release switch (which they locate on the brake lever), so you can't remove the inflated wheel.
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