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  1. rockyraccoon

    rockyraccoon Über Member

    I hate looking over my shoulder when I'm riding specially on a narrow road. I decided I need a road bike mirror.

    I know! Some will say there is nothing more efficient than a good look. However, it'd be nice to have something which could give me an extra help to know that there is traffic on my tail.

    I am after something small and unobtrusive, sleek looking and that works.

    After some research I found 3 types of mirrors

    The Italian Road Bike Mirror, The Sprintech Bar-End Mirrors and Bike Eye Mirror

    Has anyone tried them?
  2. phil_hg_uk

    phil_hg_uk I am not a member, I am a free man !!!!!!

    +1 for the sprintech had one on the RHS bar end for a couple of years now wouldnt want to ride without it.
  3. Nebulous

    Nebulous Veteran

    I was on holiday in France, bombing along a cycle track on an mtb, catching up with a man on a road bike. Suddenly he took off, and pulled into the middle of the path. I thought 'How on earth did he know I was there?'

    We came to a junction where the path crossed a road, I pulled up alongside him and saw what looked like your Italian mirror. I was vaguely amused by it as i'd never seen one before.

    I don't think it's for me - even in my car I worry about blind spots with my mirrors, but as an addition it could be worth a try.
  4. andytheflyer

    andytheflyer Veteran

    South Cheshire

    I had neck surgery last November, had 4 vertebrae fused with bone grafts, so my neck is now fairly stiff and looking over my shoulder bl**dy difficult.

    I looked around for mirrors and landed on Bike Eye - and now I have 2 - one for my road bike and one for the hybrid. Dead easy to fit, or move if you want to try a different location (if you have some spare cable ties). I bought the large version. They take a bit of getting used to but now I wouldn't be without them.

    They fit to the headstock and so don't stick out of the handlebar ends - which means that you can only use them when your leg on the side that you've mounted them is at the top of the pedal stroke and hence opens up the view to the rear - but once you've got used to it you don't even notice.

    I think they are very good.
  5. Norm

    Norm Guest

    I bought a Bike Eye to try on one of my road bikes. I loved it so I now have one one each bike I use on the tarmac. As Andy says, they are unobtrusive, don't increase the bike's width, don't get knocked, give great visibility... I love them.
  6. Furkz

    Furkz Well-Known Member

  7. Mad at urage

    Mad at urage New Member

    Just N of Cardiff
    Another vote for Bike Eye, great for when you don't particularly want the driver to know you know they are there!
  8. BSRU

    BSRU A Human Being

    Mirricycle for my road bike, does not replace looking behind though.
  9. martint235

    martint235 Dog on a bike

    I had a bike eye on my old road bike. I found it was ok when out on a country lane for checking quickly to see if there was anything behind me but I didn't really rate it for communting. When I broke the frame on my bike, I found the bike eye wouldn't fit the new frame so I've now got the Sprintech one. I still look behind me as much as I used to do but I have to plead guilty to not looking behind me as much as others do. When I'm commuting I tend to focus on what's happening in front of me and the Sprintech allows a quick glance to give me a pretty good idea of the situation behind me eg if a motorbike is coming up behind me when I'm on the centre line in traffic.
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  10. growingvegetables

    growingvegetables Guru

    Fwiw - I really don't like bike mirrors. I got one for the tandem - the pilot looking behind is a bit bigger a risk than on a single bike.

    And hated it. Narrow field of view. Vibration. And the slightest move of the handlebars - and your safe view is gone.
  11. OP

    rockyraccoon Über Member

    Which one you got? Any from those ones I mentioned ?

    What is that? Pictures, links, comments?
  12. Falwheeler

    Falwheeler Well-Known Member

    Falmouth Cornwall
  13. martint235

    martint235 Dog on a bike

    I had one of those for a few weeks. I found it blew out of position at speed unfortunately.
  14. fossyant

    fossyant Ride It Like You Stole It!

    South Manchester

    That said I've had many years cycling. Hybrids aren't quiet, because they have road roar from tyres like any car.

    One thing I've personally noted....

    After my accident, I've struggled to turn back to see, without major body movements. Life, getting old I thought. Post shoulder op, I paid for some physio sessions via work (Uni that teaches Nurses/physios etc), an oh my, the difference in two sessions. Totally re-mobilised my back. I can easily turn back and more.

    Never used mirrors.
  15. growingvegetables

    growingvegetables Guru

    Sorry - don't know which one I had; it ain't there any more.
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