Road/Hybrid frame?


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A fair question. Apart from the geometric differences you can see tabulated (e.g. Sirrus vs Allez) such as effective top tube length (partly driven by the difference in handlebars/grip positions), hybrid frames generally have wider tyre clearance, they usually are mudguard/rack ready, and they generally take 135mm mtb spec rear hubs rather than 130mm road hubs. More subtle differences may also exist e.g. in stability (hybrid) vs responsiveness (road) due to difference in trail (which is a factor of head tube angle, fork offset and tyre size for the same rim size) and wheelbase.


Depends on the type of hybrid but typically, the frame is heavier. May well have longer chainstays to accommodate larger tyres, and have a "softer" set of lines on the rear triangle. Mine has a steeper seat angle and shallower head angle than a road frame so my body is more upright. Longer fork too.

You really to look at the specific geometry charts for frame conparisons.
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