Road Shoes for Crank Bros Cleats

Discussion in 'Components, Accessories and Clothing' started by Hugh Jampton, 26 Jul 2007.

  1. Hugh Jampton

    Hugh Jampton Über Member

    Epping Forest
    I'm currently using Crank Bros Candy pedals on my road bike and plan to swap to Quattros. To be compatible with the cleats I'm using Mountain Bike shoes.
    What I want is a decent pair of road shoes with the twin slots that will take the Crank Bros cleats. I know there is an adapter to fit the cleats to Look type shoes, but that looks very bulky to me.

    Any suggestions?

    I enquired at my local LBS and just got a look of withering disdain!
  2. chris42

    chris42 New Member

    Deal, Kent
    you can use any road shoes that are SPD compatible or have a plate you can convert them to. The crank brother cleats come with a road conversion part to make it possible to walk in.
    Nike have a pair called grand fondo which is half way between a road shoe and an MTB
  3. Monty Dog

    Monty Dog New Member

    Most recent models of road shoes have reverted back to the 3-hole pattern since Shimano dropped the SPD-R pedals. If you look around the older stock in shops - Carnac UCS soles takes an SPD adaptor, or on ebay you should still find some out there.
  4. Chuffy

    Chuffy Veteran

    MTB race shoes (I assume you are currently using MTB leisure type shoes). Just like road shoes only with a bit of tread around the edge. Compatible with two bolt cleats and a tad easier to walk in.

    I've also got Diadora Ergo shoes (entry/mid level road shoes) which are two bolt compatible. I use them with my Quattros.
  5. OP
    Hugh Jampton

    Hugh Jampton Über Member

    Epping Forest
    Thanks Guys :thumbsup: The Diadoras look good. Think I'll give them a try!
  6. Lardyboy

    Lardyboy New Member

    I'm using Spesh Sports with eggbeaters on the bike and the dedicated road cleat (£16.00 I think they are?) They do for me, if commuting is all you are planning?
  7. Sore Thumb

    Sore Thumb Veteran

    Guess what I use Crankbrothers on all my three bikes. I use SL eggbeaters on my fixed road bike and also my MTB. On my Giant TCR 1 road bike I use the Quattro titanium.

    The shoes I use are the Specialized Comp MTB as below


    I also have a pair of Specialized Pro Carbon Road shoe as below


    I use the standard cleats that come with the Crankbrothers pedals on the MTB shoes and I use the special road cleat that I use for the road shoes.

    This road cleat is like an adapter and the cleat together. I got a pair from Evans cycles. Link below

    So this means all my pedals are compatable with both my shoes. So when I go to work on my fixed I use my MTB shoes but when i go on a 50 mile ride on my fixed I use the Carbon road shoes.

    The road shoes are fine with this adapter and you can walk in then too.
  8. Sore Thumb

    Sore Thumb Veteran

    ps they don't look bulky and you don't notice them on the bike
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