Rocket Sidecar Bike - The Build

Rickshaw Phil

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I am truly in awe of the skills and the effort that have gone into that. It's really fabulous.:thumbsup:


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This is truly a thing of beauty!!! Very well done, loopybike! It looks like something straight out of a comic book :wub: Now if you can make one to fit a middle-aged man I will place an order to add one to my bike (would be the only way I'd get my better half near a two-wheeler, haha!)


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I'm in awe of the gifted souls who can use an English Wheel. I knew a fellow in Oz who turned out a pair of front guards for an SS100 over the course of a weekend. Not only the compound curves involved but also the sheer size of the things. I half expected to see some sand bending on the tube elements of this project but I guess the curves were a bit tight hence the kerfing (if that's what you might call it). Love the look of some of the cars in the background ... your business?


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Spray paint it matt black and it would make a good spin on the batmobile


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As others have said I look in awe at your workmanship, I do have a concern that these skills are going to be lost in this country with the drive to get as many children into University. We should be teaching our young to take up this art, as it is an art, maybe that's the way to get funding for apprenticeships.
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