Rocket Speed.


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When you get into top gear on a downhill section (or on the flat) and feel like you're exceeding the speed of light.

How do you explain that to a non cyclist?


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Sadly I've never been that average speed is usually slower than @Pat "5mph" 's username :whistle:


sacré bleu
I was the first cyclist to almost break the sound barrier. Only my heroic handling of the record breaking Raleigh chopper saved me from certain death.
Did you wear a skinsuit or just your Y-fronts?


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It feels like flying, or rather how you imagined flying would feel like when, as a child on a windy day, you'd flip your jacket up to form a makeshift wingsuit and run around trying to take off. Or was that just me?

On a fast, responsive frame, with good tarmac and clear sight lines, it feels like you're one with the universe.


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I maxed out at just over 80 kph going down the hill to Wilsons Prom in Victoria, Aus. Police car passed me just after the top and I thought I would try to keep up. I think I caught their draught and had to brake slightly to keep behind them. Had an interesting chat at the campground. They had been going right on the 80 kph limit and said thay would have pulled anyone (including me) who looked like trying an overtake. They said I was nuts!
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