Rod Stewart's Model Railway


That's incredible. What an effort.

There's a guy at work who's into his model railways and has a track going round his garden.


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I'm inspired, I think when I retire I'll build a model of Nigeria's Lagos to Ibadan line, which will be easy as it's just a single track line that only runs one train a day. Actually they've just dug up the track bed to convert it to standard gauge so maybe I'll wait a couple of years...

Smokin Joe

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I was quite surprised, he would be he last person I'd thought who would be into trains
I never had a train set when I was a child 😢 but later I had the real thing to work on :smile:
Pete Waterman is also a keen railway modeller. There are a few others from the music world whose names escape me.


Most people would do villages/towns etc, but he's done a city with loads of massive skyscrapers and stuff. Very impressive.

Bobby Mhor

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I once spotted someone had 'used' a photo of mine as he was entering a competition to build what I'd consider a strange choice of a bridge on a now defunct Grouse Railway in the hills to the south of me, I got in contact and headed out into the wilds and measured each component of the subject for him,


Amazing the work that had gone in to his entry, he never won but each detail was precise..
Grouse Railway history HERE
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