Rohloff wheel.

betty swollocks

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This Rohloff has always belonged to me and as I recall was bought in 2002.
It has had regular oil changes and been entirely reliable.
It was bought from St John St Cycles and has been re-built by them into a Rigida Andra 26" 32 hole rim.
I'm selling it because it's part of a project I will never get round to completing.
The dangly bits, the concertina-like cables, which change its 14 gears, will need replacing.
The new owner may wish to have a different gear changing option which


is why I have not done this repair.
There is some scoring of the anodising down to bare metal on the drive side hub shell, where the chain came off once. I've haven't painted this over - so you can see it
St John St are selling these new for £809.99 -I've just looked. This one can be yours for less than half that - £400, although I am willing to haggle a bit.

Any questions or more pics required? I'll be happy to oblige.

IMG_2701.jpeg IMG_2700.jpeg
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