1. battered

    Free - susp forks from basic MTBs, 26" wheel.

    I have 2 sets of forks taken from generic bikes, they work. Both appear to be quill fitting and take V brakes. 26" wheel. Free for collection in Pudsey, Leeds LS28. These are big and heavy, I don't want to box and post them.
  2. AlanW

    SOLD - Dolan Alpina A6T Tubular Track Wheel set

    I purchased this utterly fantastic track wheel set brand new direct from Dolan in January 2020, added a pair of Vittoria Pista Speed track tubs They were used for one track session at Newport in February, then COVID-19 struck us. Since then the track frame has been sold so the wheels have been...
  3. gordyfinbar

    Prime 343 disc wheel

    Anyone running one of these on their TT setup ? I’d be very interested to hear you thoughts . Seems like a decent deal to me
  4. dave r

    Verenti Kilmeston wheel bearings

    My old Kilmeston, its a size too big for me but we had some adventures together before it went on turbo duties, I've Just dug it out the shed either to sell or ride, but the wheel bearings need some grease and its not a standard set up, possible sealed bearings, so how do I get in?
  5. stevedeer

    Brompton rear wheel...

    New to Brompton. Been watching the maintenance videos after being caught out with a front wheel puncture in the middle of nowhere, and not even a pump in my bag! Front wheel was easy and quickly sorted, but watching the vid on the rear wheel removal and re-installation looks really complex and...
  6. MrGrumpy

    New wheels ordered

    Just ordered new handbuilt wheels from my LBS. looking for tan wall tubeless tyres in a 25c . Hit me with your recommendations . :becool:
  7. Adam4868

    Rear wheel swap.

    Are most 700 wheels interchangeable ? The rear wheel on my work bike has seen better days,not much life left ! Its on a triban 8 speed bike.I had another wheel with 10 speed 105 hub.The cassette fits but when I tried to mount the wheel it doesn't seem to fit in dropouts.I tried it tonight...
  8. M

    Free Condor strada rear wheel

    free Today I found a discarded 32 spoke 700c Condor ( london) cycles strada wheel v.g.c smooth bearing and good braking surface very little wear 100% true, the only problem is the free wheel hub needs replacing as the ratchet is clearly broken, why it was discarded. It is a very narrow rim &...
  9. thunderlips76

    Flexing back wheel

    Hi there, Brand new Hunt aero wide alloy wheel set fitted to the bike today. Problem is the rear wheel keeps catching the brake pads when climbing out of the saddle. After my ride I had a look and I can wiggle the back wheel from brake pad to brake pads with just finger strength, god only knows...
  10. M

    Wheel Replacement for Tern Link D8

    Does anyone know anyone who sells new replacement wheels (sapim?) for a Tern Link D8? My bike repairer cannot get his hands on one anywhere. Many thanks.
  11. Tail End Charlie

    Ribble - free, would need rear wheel and few other bits

    Anyone want this? It's Ribble 531 frame and forks from about 1990 (I bought it secondhand in 1995). It has been powdercoated and touched up in places where the coating was thin. I have many of the things to build up into a bike, apart from a rear wheel (although I can't find the chainset but I'm...
  12. TAV

    Good wheel truers in south Wales

    Hi can anyone on here recommend any good shops where I can get my wheels trued properly in south Wales.
  13. Slioch

    Is it ok to fit QR wheel skewers to a folding bike?

    I've got a Raleigh Evo 2 folder which has big chunky nuts holding the wheels on. Is there any technical reason peculiar to folding bikes why I shouldn't be able to replace these with QR skewers? TIA
  14. dennetti

    Freehub tool recommendations for Giant SR2 wheel

    Hi. I'm trying to remove the freehub from my Giant SR2 wheel. After removing the cassette and axle, it looks like I need to get a long-reach castelated tool into the wheel to remove the freehub. Looks about 10-12mm sort of size. Could someone confirm what tool I need please as I can't seem to...
  15. Venod

    How to change a wheel

    Wow https://www.britishpathe.com/video/air-crash-averted
  16. Hover Fly

    Hub dynamo wheel

    Son Classic (original straight barrel type) in DRC Touring rim 16.5 internal 700c. 32 spokes £70 plus post £10
  17. shep

    To any wheel building experts out there, please help!

    Right then, what I'm trying to do is adapt a set of QR Campag C17 Zonda Disc wheels to work with 12mm Thru axles. The front was no problem as it just involved removing 2 reducing caps and the Axle went straight in, it's the rear I'm having trouble with. I purchased a conversion kit which was...
  18. R

    Rear wheel "ticking" noise

    I'm getting an annoying tick from the rear wheel, which sounds like a spoke being pinged. I had this on another bike, and solved it by putting a drop of oil on the spoke cross overs, but I've tried that to no avail. It only happens under load, not on the stand, and is exactly once per...
  19. Proto

    Kinesis Crosslight wheel components

    I’ve got a pair of 2015 (?) Kinesis Crosslight CX disc wheels which need rebuilding - keep breaking spokes, alum nipples are seized. The rims and hubs are ok. I’m new to wheelbuilding but keen to have a go. Easy enough to measure the spokes and source new ones but I’m curious to know where...
  20. Domus

    Wheel truing

    I have acquired a simple truing stand and already own a DTI so I wish to use it. I know it's not necessary but the engineer in me wants to. I have seen used a tee piece with a roller fitted to a DTI and would like one. Anyone know what it's proper name is and where I could find one? Ta
  21. davidphilips

    Some very fine wheel truing made easy?

    Not recommended, but watched this guy fixing a bent rim on Utube, any one know a wheel builder that could perhaps use such a method? View: https://www.facebook.com/cyclOware/videos/2725308624461341/UzpfSTEwMDAwNDA5NTExMTY4NjpWSzozMjk5MDc3MjUzNDY5NzM0/
  22. ozboz

    Wheel sizes

    Is the wheel size the overall size of wheel inc tyre ?
  23. Dwn

    Squealing front wheel

    I'm struggling to work out why my front wheel makes a hideous squealing noise. It only does this when freewheels and is stopped immediately either when I pedal or lightly apply the brakes. This has come about after I installed new wheels which had been gifted to me. They were setup for thru...
  24. DCBassman

    Bearing adjustment, Shimano rear wheel ***SORTED***

    Noticed this morning on pre-ride check that the rear wheel had noticeable side-to-side play. Now, I understand how cups and cones work, but how in the name of (insert preferred sky-fairy name here) do you lock the drive side cone against anything? There's no way to hold it. I've looked at many...
  25. H

    Vintage wheel builder ?

    Tearing my hair out trying to find a sensibly priced old school wheel builder to lace up some 700c rims on Campag Record hubs this side of CHRISTMAS :cursing: Most grateful for any suggestions - can be anywhere in the country because I'm prepared to use couriers. Thanks chaps
  26. K

    Fulcrum wheel fix

    Looking for advice - road bike wheel Fulcrum racing 7 lg rear wheel - hub flange has cracked unfortunately and wheel is not safe to ride. Front wheel in great shape with loads of miles left. Fulcrum S4 rear wheel for sale on e bay - looks in decent shape but needs new bearings. Is it possible to...
  27. tom73

    Dura-ace 9000 C50 wheel set

    Are they any good ? Seen a 2rd hand pair great condition Or are they better options around the 500-600 mark?
  28. Mark pallister

    Wheel build

    Is there anyone on here that lives in the Newcastle upon Tyne area that can rebuild wheels all the alloy nipples are corroded so need replacing with brass and the wheel truing ? cheers
  29. figbat

    Noisy rear wheel - spokes?

    The rear wheel on my 29er hardtail is quite noisy. It appears to be the spokes and with a bit of pinching they seem a little loose. The wheel went in new a few months ago and seems to be true. It’s set up tubeless and adding pressure to the tyre reduces the noise. Sheldon Brown says that if...
  30. Andy in Germany

    So I made a wheel: Now what?

    I finally psyched myself up to calibrate the wheel jig today, and take an oldish wheel to bits and put it back together again. So far things are okay, once I found where I'd laced it incorrectly and made it right. I've now got a wheel that is +/- about 1mm horizontally, after looking like...
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