1. simon the viking

    Made my own stubby wheel spanner

    I have in the past carried one of the flat monkey metal bike spanners when out on the mtb due to no QR on the back wheel... but cant find it and realised that for the last few weeks... I had no means of removing the back wheel in the event of a rear puncture so at work today I purchased a 15mm...
  2. M

    Will I need a wheel true doing after a snapped spoke replacement?

    Will have to have a wheel true done if I have broken a spoke, or can I just get away with having a spoke replacement? Which also brings me to another question and that is I'm not sure if a cycle shop is trying to get more money out of me ( I'll mention no names). I called into this shop and they...
  3. ozboz

    Wheel building ...

    Hiya, I’ve booked myself on a wheel building course , not to say I’ll be the dogs BX at it at the end of the day , but it’s worth the cost to me (75 sobs) to gain the fundamentals of this skill , the courses are run with connection to the LCC so I’m not guessing the that the tutor will be top...
  4. IaninSheffield

    Seeking the advice of wheel building gurus

    Having recently attended an informative and enjoyable wheel-building course, I set about my first project to build a dynamo hub front wheel. For a touring bike, the components include a Ryde Sputnik 36-hole 700c rim, SP PV8 hub and Swiss DT competition 2.0-1.8-2.0 spokes with 12mm brass nipples...
  5. Cycleops

    Loophole to be closed on phone use at the wheel.

    Glad to see that legislation will be changed so that using a phone for any purpose while driving will result in prosection. Previously a driver who had his conviction quashed for filming an accident because he wasn't making a call; https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-50250730
  6. C

    Recommendations for decent winter wheels

    After looking at various bikes for a winter roadie for commuting, I think I'm going for the Triban 520 on the C2W scheme. I phoned Decathlon and the only wheels they had that they could put on it for me were £550. Mental! So, if I go for the Triban at £730, what wheels would be a solid...
  7. YukonBoy

    Wheel building workshop

    Saw this elsewhere. I attended this workshop back in 2013, and it was very good. Built all my own wheels since. Places are available on the next Bicycle Wheel Building Workshop I will be teaching in Cambridge on Sat 12/10/19. Master a new skill in a controlled, supportive environment. Full...
  8. Bad Machine

    FREE: 20" wheel, 9-speed freewheel (electric hub) - collection only, Newmarket

    Free - for collection only. Between Newmarket and Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. 20" rear wheel, with 9 speed freewheel electric hub motor labelled EZ-R-10039-3 Inner tube and tyre (worn) Schwalbe Big Apple - 406-50 8 wire connection I know nothing more about it - it came as the rear wheel on a bike...
  9. betty swollocks

    Road cycling tubeless is not quite there yet.

    I've been riding tubeless on my road bikes for 3 years now and I love the lower pressures and greater comfort it avails and will persevere because of these, however, the sealant will only mend pinprick-sized holes. Any bigger than this and the sealant will only hold up to a limited pressure, say...
  10. S

    How do I select a replacement wheel?

    Sorry for such an embarrassing question but... I have a 2016 Whyte 901. I noticed last night that the rear wheel rim has a large crack so will need replacing. Whyte do not appear to supply replacement wheels so I guess I need to buy a compatable wheel. Unfortunately the only information I can...
  11. Rooster1

    Freehub Issue - Giant SR2 Disc Wheel Set

    My Giant Advanced has only done 1400 miles and yet the freehub is not spinning freely - there is some resistance so when you freewheel the chain starts to jump the smaller cogs. I've broken my chain whip so I can't take it off to inspect the freehub. I am hoping it just needs a good lube inside ?
  12. B

    Tyre pressure - massive wheel load difference!?

    So I am trying to figure out my optimal tyre pressure (28C tyres on a cross bike used for roads). I am 85Kg I read the most accurate way was to weight each wheel as you sit on the bike (wheel load). But I have a much bigges disparency than I see anywhere else online. My weights were 58Kg on...
  13. voyager

    Wheel building , non offset hubs

    Here is an unusual situation. I have a pair of 28h hubs and 28 hole rims. Went to build them up today and while lacing discovered that there is NO offset between the left and right hole drillings . amused - not a lot. Any ideas folks ?
  14. Joey Shabadoo

    Front wheel vibration

    Did a quick search but couldn't see anything - my front wheel has developed a vibration, like I'm going over a bump once per revolution. It's quite noticeable and I'm a bit worried cos I'm going on a long (for me) organised ride on Saturday. I've just swapped back to 32c Gatorskins from my much...
  15. oldgreyandslow

    SOLD: Mavic Ksyrium Equipe S 10 speed wheel set Price dropped to £70

    These were used on my Boardman and are pretty light, had some use of course but still in pretty good condition complete with Vittoria Rubino Pro 700 x 23 tyres. £75 collected from Farnborough/Camberley area Price dropped to £70
  16. Cycleops

    Wheelie cyclist in incident with car.

    Who's at fault here? Nearly everyone has condemned the boy on the BMX but cyclist Jeremy Vine had waded into the debate saying: https://mol.im/a/7363157#v-7985016940528091608 What do you think?
  17. C

    Hole in rim of SLR1 wheel rim - leaking!

    This afternoon I fitted a new tyre to the front wheel of my Giant bike. I pumped it to 80 psi and refitted the wheel to the bike while it was still on the bike stand. 15 minutes or so later, I heard a sudden rushing of air from the wheel. The bike was still on the stand so absolutely no weight...
  18. grellboy

    Front wheel clicking

    Bought some second hand wheels recently. Spin well and seem mostly trued, but when I went for first ride on them today there was quite an annoying rotational click from the front one. I thought it might be to do with the set up of the bike - catching on frame or brakes - so I then tried it on...
  19. chriscross1966

    Small wheel disc braked dynamos

    Hi folks... I'm looking for info on 100mm wide disc-braked dynamo hubs suitable for small wheels.... I know of a couple, an eye-wateringly expensive SON (it will be lovely, but it is expensive) and the Biologic Joules 3 Disc.... which isn't exactly cheap and seems to be almost unicorn rare...
  20. betty swollocks

    Rohloff wheel.

    This Rohloff has always belonged to me and as I recall was bought in 2002. It has had regular oil changes and been entirely reliable. It was bought from St John St Cycles and has been re-built by them into a Rigida Andra 26" 32 hole rim. I'm selling it because it's part of a project I will...
  21. Porcia

    Chain wheel replacement

    SO I am looking to change the front chain wheels from 53/ 43 to 50 /38 as I is getting long in the tooth and hills a getting harder to climb. Every thing starts out fine measure the PCB or BCD 130mm not a problem but the strange flat headed Allen bolts holding the ring's to the crank are what...
  22. HobbesOnTour

    Using a disc brake hub on a rim brake wheel?

    Hi folks, I just picked up my rear wheel after a hub upgrade and rebuild. The rim is a 36h Ryde Andra 30, the hub was upgraded to a Deore XT. Now, the hub they used is a disc brake hub and I use rim brakes. In the LBS they'v told me there is no difference in operation. Is this true? I imagine...
  23. livpoksoc

    Crossing over a road wheel to a MTB for the turbo?

    Evening all, the Mrs has a Cube 10 speed MTB (with discs), she never got to use as she fell pregnant quickly after we bought it. She now wants to try and use it on the TT to get her comfidence bacm. I usually put an old spesh on the TT, but noticed it is also 10 speed (rim brakes). I have put...
  24. tom73

    New wheel or repair ...

    After a great day riding car free on yet another great fun let's ride event. I had one of them silly how did that happen slow motion moments. Just as I was getting off to at the station door some how I brushed one of the anti car bollards. :wacko: Down I went my thigh landed on the rear wheel...
  25. silva

    rear wheel, scraping noise every rotation

    This is plaguing me since beginning of the year. It comes by itself, lasts weeks then it goes by itself. And some time later, it's suddenly back. Last occasion it ceased a couple months ago. Since yesterday it's back. Before yesterday there wasn't an apparent reason for its start. Yesterday...
  26. S

    Two wheel drive road bike - !

    On the way home today, noticed a cyclist riding what I at first took to be a hand cranked bike, but when I met him at some lights, he was riding a 'regular road bike, but with a full cassette & chain setup drive to the front wheel. It was powered by a crank / handlebar setup and looked pretty...
  27. G

    Rear spokes and wheel

    Hi I was out cycling this morning on my 6 week old Giant TCR carbon road bike. Halfway through the ride, one of my rear spokes came loose and the wheel felt as if it was misaligned (when I manually spun the wheel, it spun ok but then stopped when it came into contact with the brake pads. The...
  28. MrOz

    Budget wheel thoughts and weights again (I know it comes up a lot)...

    ...but I am getting confused. On my posh (hoho) bike I have Fulcrum Racing Quattros, and the previous bike had Mavic Aksiums. I just got a bargainous Colnago woohoo which has its own-brand (rebadged FSA) Artemis wheels. The rep for all of these is "heavy and slow", but I can't say the engine is...
  29. DCBassman

    Wheel set

    At some point in the medium term, I'm going to replace the wheels on the Scott roadie. It currently wears Shimano R500s, and I'd like something similar-ish or better to replace them. Not aiming to spend lots, and to repeat, this isn't likely to happen any time soon, maybe 6 months ahead. Your...
  30. citybabe

    Disc Wheel set

    I need new wheels on my Specialized Sirrus This is my work bike, touring bike and general all round bike. Any recommendations for a decent 9 speed disc set please
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