rear wheel joy


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I finally got over my phobia at last. After suffering for years ,I'm now no longer afraid.
I can tear the dammed thing down in record time. Wack in a new tube and be back on the road without an episode of bike rage. I am complete.
no more turning into a gibbering vegetable roadside. The local taxi drivers will miss my trade and my rants on punctures.
I am a better man.


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Awesome! Now, perhaps we should start a petition against certain bike shops (including Brommie official repairers, Evans for one!) charging a ridiculous premium to fix a rear-wheel Brommie puncture over a front, as it's far less painful than their charges ever suggest, regardless of the hub type! Just criminal!


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If Gaadi chose to make their double ended inner tubes in a 16" version I bet they would find a market here
I was today years old when I found out that was a thing.


Mine only ever had 2 I think, on the standard brommie tyres before I "marathon"-ed it. laying the bike on its side to untension the tensioner is a very useful tip. and then just be methodical. there isnt anything that scary about it.


I googled the double ended tubes but don't get how an open tube would work.
its not open, its a closed cylinder, rather than a closed torus (donut / ring) so you can feed it into the tyre without taking wheel off the bike frame, you just ease tyre off the rim, insert "tube" and replace tyre, and it inflates into a torus shape guided by the tyre. think cumberland sausage, but inflatable.:okay:

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I'm afraid I still sometimes wake up sweating, in the middle of a nightmare about a rear-wheel Brompton puncture.

I must try doing a bit more remove-and-replace therapy at home, in a safe environment.
Have you tried double ended tubes just get the tyre over the rim cut old tube out check the tyre then thread tube in no need to remove the wheel God send .
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