England : London Role Call Please! London Sunday Ride 23rd Feb - City of London Boundary Dragons


An impromptu ride led by myself. It's a short ride which I may embellish with a couple of extras, but still probably on about 10-12 miles max.

Meet at Hyde Park Corner (by the Royal Artillery Memorial) at 9.30am, leaving as soon as the Horse Guards have passed (usually about 9:45am). There'll be a quick comfort break part way round, but it would be best if you can use nearby facilities first.

The small print, just as a reminder: This is not a formal ride under the auspices of any club. We will be just a bunch of friends on a ride together and my role will be simply to guide us round a route. As such, you will be riding under your own insurance.

Anyone interested?

Nick Saddlesore

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According to my training plan, I should be doing the Henham 100 for the umpteenth time.
There goes my training plan.
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Maybe, weather and health dependent :okay:


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@rb58 In researching the Monopoly route I found this http://richardwalkslondon.com/walking-the-monopoly-board/

Now I think anyone cycling a 300km Audax is :wacko:, but this guy walk runs these things. He did the monopoly board walk of 54 miles in 12.5 hrs. And btw his name is Richard McChesney, some distant relation maybe :laugh:
54 miles at Sunday London Ride pace would take us about 11 hours, so not much quicker than his walking pace. LOL
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