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I've finally got permission for a big, month long tour next summer and am so over excited I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve. So...I've started planning already, and have a stretch of the route I need some help on.

How can I get from Aix en Provence to Interlaken? I was planning to go up through the mountains to Grenoble and then across...but that looks like murder on the gradients front. And then I thought about going from Aix via Orange and Dijon area across to Bern and down to Interlaken. Any thoughts?

As background, we do about 50 miles per day average (could do 60 if needed) and aren't afraid of hills but have never done proper mountains (although we'd try if we needed to).

Tim Bennet.

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It's not the gradient that is the problem as no European mountain road is particularly steep. The difference between the various routes is the length of climb or in other words, total height gained.

The other consideration is to find routes that are not too choked with traffic. Anything that is fairly direct and not too taxing, is also attractive to cars and lorries and can be suprisingly busy.

Your chosen start and finish don't fall neatly into any conventional known classic Alpine traverse, so you will have to do some research. Having said that, I think your 'long way round' should be set aside at this time as a better compromise route must exist.

First idea might be Aix to Castellane via the Verdon Gorge, Route Napolean to Sisteron, over the Col de La Croix Haute to Grenoble, then Alberville, Chamonix, Col de la Forclaz, Martigny, then north to Aigle before crossing the Simmental to Interlaken.

This is a good site to start researching the various passes and high points.

Can you share with us why you have picked your start and finish points? Is it the Bike Express?


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Thanks for your thoughts, really appreciated. I'll start investigating the routes you've mentioned this evening!!!

My plans will change about 20 times before next summer but at present, the plans are to start at my friend's house nr Toulouse, to head over to Aix where I used to live and then head up to Interlaken to see mountains as I love them. We'll then do a spot of hiking before heading over to Innsbruck before ending in my favourite place in the world, Salzburg.

Someone mentioned so i'll see what routes they recommend as well. I do have a year to plan, but I do like planning!!


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Hugely overexcited already about the trip. Have done a daily plan on a am I going to last a year? And what if my boss says no when I ask for the time off??? AAAAgh...


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Have you tried the European version of Autoroute? I use it for all my car travel on the continent and it doesn't just do the main routes; mapping detail takes you down to the byways as well as the highways and to street level in towns, cities and villages.

There are on line route planners as well but I suspect as they are aimed at motor travel you'll only get the major routes.

The shortest distance from Aix to Interlaken is 420 miles. But no doubt you'll find a longer, more interesting route. Have fun planning.
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