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I would like to do a route my father used to do with his club on a fixed wheel bike in the 1950's, Newport-Brecon-Cardiff-Newport.

Needless to say the roads are different now, therefore this post.
I have made a route via Garmin Connect starting in Caerleon via Cwmbran, Pontpool..... but have no real idea what the road surface is like, want to avoid gravel because I'm on my road bike and, how busy the roads are?

Any help or advice is welcome or other suggested routes.

I plan my routes in (C.T) and use the google streetview feature to inspect what is on the ground (or was on the ground when the google car trundled past) by left clicking on the route to enable the pop-up. . If you want quiet roads, C.T is sublime at routing on those.

I'm not a Garmin Connect expert, I had a quick look and I couldn't find a way to access streetview directly.

If you can get a .gpx file out of Garmin Connect, that can be imported to RidewithGPS (RWGPS) as a route. RWGPS allows direct access to streetview however the interface has recently been tweaked, and I can only see that feature in the old view, which is still accessible.

Hope this helps.

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