Route from Tooting to Marble Arch

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I am working in London for a few months and have the possibility of staying at a friend's place in Tooting. I would cycle to and from the back of Selfridges.

Obvioulsy I can just use Google Maps but someone will know better, so can anyone advise a decent route. Quiet as possible but I am happy on main roads. I have a Garmin I can programme with a GPX file so a bit fiddly is fine as I can follow the beeps. Not too many stop starts would be lovely. Happy to do a different route back as that sometimes works in London

From SW17 9NX to Edwards Mews W1



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Easy to follow is CS7 to CS6 then straight on to Westminster Bridge to CS3 to Hyde Park Broad Walk but lots of lights.

More direct and probably quieter looks like Chelsea Bridge, Ebury Bridge Road, Ebury Square to Lowndes Square to Hyde Park but that's quite wiggly and I've not ridden all of it AFAICR so there may be dragons.


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It's the one over Blackfriars Bridge further north so it ought to be there somewhere! Use or

CS6 meets CS7 near Elephant and Castle (and I've not bothered with 7's wiggle up Churchyard Row recently either, since there was building work on it and I noticed E&C had been changed). You'd not be on it for long before continuing straight on to pass Lambeth North station for Westminster Bridge Road.
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