Routemasters, Green lights and gas guzzlers

Discussion in 'Advocacy and Cycling Safety' started by Crock of Gold, 21 May 2008.

  1. Crock of Gold

    Crock of Gold Guest

    Boris has had his first Mayoral questions:

    Will it really make much difference to cyclists?

    More time on Green Lights is arguably not so bad for cyclists either.
    Routemasters instead of bendy's - can't see much impact on cyclists.
    "Easening" of congestion charge (especially on gas guzzlers) - may mean more cars in the Congestion Charge zone of London. However, this may increase may slow the cars down due to, err, congestion, dampening any impact of the lights staying on Green for longer anyway.

    Have I got it so wrong?

    If the number of cyclists in London is reduced that will be a major impact.

    But I can't see any differential impact for cyclists in the areas just outside the centre such as, for example, Tooting / Putney and even further out in the 'burbs as a consequence of Boris' transport policies.
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