Roval Wheels

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chris42 said:
they do look very cool?

D'you think so ? I think they look awful :tongue:


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andy_wrx said:
This comes as standard with red Fulcrum Zeros, which look bl**dy hideous, and it's £4699 :tongue: :?: :biggrin: :smile:

How dare you! I have Fulcrum 0's and I reckon they are the dog's proverbials...

Monty Dog

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Roval is a French builder who has been developing his own innovative wheels designs for years - a bit like the Rolf wheels licensed by Trek. The 'red splat' wheels are pretty heavy though, so not sure whether the extra weight is worth the benefit. The red bit does look cheap and plasticcy too - the carbon wheels are something like £1700 so not cheap. I'd rather have a pair of Boras or Fulcrum carbons at that price, plus a few hundred change.
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