Rudy Project Magster glasses first impressions

I've never been one for glasses. I've usually got by ok without. Last week, however, I had 3 fly-bys in the space of about 200 yards plus other incidents (a couple of my routes are very rural) meant I relented and went on a hunt for some glasses.

After some reading up and not wanting multiple lenses due to the fickle British weather, I got some Rudy project Magster glasses. I did chastise myself for getting caught up in a buying frenzy but the reviews were very positive.

I gave them their first run out today and they are outstanding. I didn't think the photochromic lenses had darkened until I took them off and was nearly blinded by the sun. There was no fogging apart from a little when stopped and even then they clear very quickly when you move off. Wind protection is fabulous, too.

I'm now partly cursing myself for not getting some glasses sooner. Thinking back to times of 35mph+ downhill and a fly in your eye isn't fun.

I can't speak for all glasses but these are a fine choice if you do get any.


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Mine cost 20 quid from M &S, THEY DO THE JOB
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