Rust on Chain/Groupset - help?


Back in March, me and my mate both bought new roadies.

Unfortunately for him, after 2 weeks into ownership of his brand new Spesh Allez Comp 2012, he ruptured his Achilles tendon playing football and is still currently out of action (apparently this things can take up to 9 months to heal properly)

Having parked his bike up since then, we went to have a look at it over the weekend and noticed the chain and groupset had rust on it - the bike was brand new from Evans and hasn't even had its first service done.

Our main priority is to get it back to normal and clean the chain/groupset back to its shiny silver - can any suggests the best way of doing this?

I was thinking:

1) Use degreaser (GT30 etc)
2) Very hot soapy water to give the metal a proper scrub
3) Park tools chain cleaner
4) Dry excessively
5) Dry again
6) Re-lube

Will this do the trick?



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It will do the trick, but is overkill. Use something like a nylon pan scourer wetted with GT85 if you can't shift it with GT85 and elbow grease on a cloth . You should shift most of the rust, which will only be surface rust anyway. Make sure the chain is thoroughly soaked with GT85, then make sure every link moves and there are no stiff spots. You'll find this easier if you remove it first.

I doubt you'll get it back to shiny silver, but you'll get it back to working again.

Now go and stand in the corner for letting it get like that in the first place.


Thanks :smile:

To be honest, he didn't realise that the metal would rust knowing it was a brand new oiled bike - when we saw the rust, we were shocked!

Will give the above a blast.

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Where was it stored to start to rust? I have mine in a crappy wooden shed that I know leaks a little but never had any rust although it is usually covered with an old shower curtain. I now spray the metal parts with GT85 so hopefully should not have this issue.


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Good wipe over with an oily rag, GT85 and some proper chain lube. Was it 'retired' after a wet ride - you would be surprised how quick the orange stuff apears on chains after a wet ride. Leave it without oil for a day or so, uh oh. It's just surface and will come off.
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