Sachs Huret Dérailleurs. Were they any good?


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I've been given the opportunity to get a Sachs Huret groupset for a cheap price. I don't really know much about the brand so I was wondering what people on this forum thought about them? I know they obviously weren't on the same level as shimano or champagnolo. I just want to know if they were a reliable decent groupset in their day?
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I have a 1970 bsa with the original Sachs Huret derailleurs,they still work fine.I doubt my Shimano one's will be still working in 45 years time


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@midlife it looks like the 'Eco s' however it doesn't have the plastic bits and attaches to the frame by the wheel axle like the normal 'Eco' does. The raleigh Eco doesn't have a photo so it could possibly be that.


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Beware the 'floating between gear' neutrals where the mech allows the sideplate of the chain to ride on top of the cogs when you are climbing and the lower gear hasn't quite made it. You may get around this if you can get a modern top pulley (which has a mm or so of sideways 'float' to avoid this) to fit onto the mech. I swapped the rear mech on my Carlton for a 105 in 1986 and that is still perfect and more importantly has never missed a cog, unlike the one it replaced.

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Pretty sure the rear mech on my 1980s gaspipe "Raleigh Micron 5" I had as a kid was a Huret Eco. Which is to say, it probably wasn't top of the range kit but it was robust enough to survive my childhood riding
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