Saddle position/angle questions.


As per my previous thread I had my first ride (20 miles) on the new bike yesterday and everything was good.
The saddle is a Fizik Aliante (hope thats spelled right) and it was very comfortable-actually the first ride for years where I had absolutely no numbness and very little bone ache.
So..................the slight problem.
Every "now & then" I realised I had sort of 'slid forward' and it was starting to ache a bit (as I was at the narrow part. (that never happened on the bike that was nicked)
I slid myself back an inch or so and it felt better...........only to find some time later it happened again etc.etc.

I stopped at half way and adjusted the angle slightly which I "think" helped-but didnt prevent it happening.
Does it sound like I should alter the angle a bit more or perhaps move it forwards??
I ask because everything looks right and It may just be because its all new.........I dont want to cause more problems than I solve by overdoing something.
Any thoughts??


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Normally you start at level


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A saddle should be typically be level. Sliding forward on one could be a saddle level issue or possibly a sign that you're slightly small for the bike setup and "pulling" yourself forward. Saddle position is usually where a bike fit starts (aligning height and fore/aft position based on feet on pedals)


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Some saddles flex down a bit at the front when you sit on them so it may need to be raised a few mm at the front so its level with your weight on it.. Make your alterations in tiny increments or you may fix one problem but cause another.


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My brooks looks stupid it's so nose up, but it's oh so comfy. Just keep tweaking it 'til it's right.
I admit my Fizik's are only a shade 'nose up'.


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No point in beating about the bush ... (There is probably an unfortunate pun in there somewhere! :whistle:) ... but individual sets of genitalia are, er, very individual! :okay:

If I tried riding with my saddle even slightly nose up, I would be completely numb within 10 minutes. I put the smallest downward tilt on my saddles that I can. That is enough to stop me getting NNS***, but not enough to cause the sliding forwards problem.

*** NNS = Numb Nuts Syndrome! :laugh:


Are you sure you're sliding forward and not pulling yourself forward to compensate for a too long top tube or stem or maybe too much set back on the saddle.

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I think your naturally pulling yourself forward not sliding,tipping the nose up usually ends in pain,try moving the seat forward 5mm on the rails to shut the cock pit down a bit.


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I'd try a very small tilt to the rear first (i.e. nose up) rather than changing the fore/rearwards position. It may be that the difference gives your sit bones a higher degree of support as it gravitates you towards the (higher) rear of the saddle, thus easing pressure on the prostrate area. Very small tilt.


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You just have to keep adjusting until it suits you. Tiny adjustments. You will get there in the end.
Are you sure you're sliding forward and not pulling yourself forward to compensate for a too long top tube or stem or maybe too much set back on the saddle.
This ^^^ I had the same issue with a Fizik Alliante saddle on a new bike recently, and I had to lift the nose slightly which seemed to cure it. It was also too far back which didn't help matters so I think it was a combination of the two factors.
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