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I am considering a fresh saddle in the new year.

As a relative newbie, can anyone give me any pointers.

I am looking for something with a bit more comfort for touring rather than least weight.


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Brooks, Charge spoon

BUT saddle comfort is extremely individual, one person's armchair is another's device of torture! Get your sit bones measured and take it from there


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Go to a Specialized concept store (in your cycling shorts), and ask them

Or put some tinfoil on the stairs and sit on it with your cycling shorts on and measure the gap between the dents made by your sit bones. That'll tell you what width saddle should work, but it will not help you with shape, level of padding, material etc


Don't be tempted by gel saddles. They are fine for very short rides but soon become fairly uncomfortable. You don't say what type of bike you have so if you do someone may be able to make better suggestions.


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Don't be tempted by gel saddles. They are fine for very short rides but soon become fairly uncomfortable. You don't say what type of bike you have so if you do someone may be able to make better suggestions.
I tried loads of saddles before settling on a gel saddle. I'll happily do 50+ miles on the current one.
I wouldn't use anything else now. Everyone is different.:thumbsup:

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I prefer a Brooks knock-off from Taiwan, called an Alpha-One. I've been quite happy with it over quite a few miles. Shaped like a Brooks Champion, costs about 50.00 US. I find the leather saddles are quite comfortable over the greater distance. You have to break them in, and some people have a hard time with this. It has been overstated, in my case. Never had much problem with the break in period. I have not seen the Alpha One lately on Amazon, it appears Origin 8 is doing a similar one, but charging about 100.00 US. At that rate, might as well buy the Brooks.
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I use Brooks, and the one on my touring cycle is over 20 years old and still in very good condition! If buying the B17, the one with large copper rivets is the better. Well looked after, this should give many years of service.


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The very top line here is we are all individual and what suits you, may not suit me. I use Brookes saddles. I apparently have a Brookes arxe, you may not. They can, or may not take an age to break in and they are expensive. Most of the RTW tourers ride on Brookes saddles because they are hard wearing and once you break them in you can ride day after day on them.

I do not know of anywhere where you can hire a saddle for a month to try it out, maybe someone is missing out on a business opportunity.

I had a gel cover and found they slide all over and are awful.

Finding a saddle can be pure chance. But there are names that get good reviews all the time. Charge spoon jumps to mind. Your saddle is out there somewhere but nobody can tell you which it is.
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Another vote for the Charge Spoon which is both cheap and seems to work for a lot of people on both hybrids and drop-bar bikes.
I get on fine with the Fizik Arione Wingflex too as a light race-bike saddle..
I like the Brooks B17, but it's heavy and doesn't suit everybody (and looks a little out of place on a 'race-bike'). If it suits it's a great long distance option.
The new Brooks Cambium saddle seems to be attracting some serious praise from reviews and the 2 people I know who have invested in them - Not cheap. I've had a short spin on one and found it pretty amazing.

Saddles are very personal, but the Charge seems to come out as a regular recommendation.


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as mentioned above saddles are very personal

I for one don't rate Charge Spoons , my personal choice is Selle smp lite 209's I find them really comfy from when you get on till when you get off

but they aint cheap


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It varies by rider and bike, I think. I've a Brooks Flyer on the tourer, a Selle Royal Maya on the roadster and an older SR on the folder and all three are comfortable to me... but the older SR has been on the roadster and it was OK but not really comfortable.
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