Saddlebag - do I need a bracket?


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I'm thinking of gettng a Carradice saddlebag, propbably the "Barley". I've got a Brooks B17 saddle with loops so will I need a separate bracket to support the bottom of the bag?

Smokin Joe

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Yes you will, otherwise the thing will be swing about and drive you nuts. I haven't use a saddlebag for years, but you should be able to get something to clamp on your seatpost for it to sit on.


Mmmmm. I have seen them used "without" and they seemed okay apart from waving about a bit. I have seen them used "with" and they seemed better.


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The barley comes with a strap to fasten round the seatpost. Secures it enough, I never notice any swaying. The SQR bracket is pretty good though, if your going to be taking the bag off and on frequently. Got mine from SJS.
You could get the Bagman bracket but can't see that you'd be carrying enough in the Barley to require that much support.
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