Safe Passing Distance signs in North Wales


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I wouldn't build your hopes up.


They only make a difference if you hold one out while cycling. On the plus side they are a far better design than the ones our Town Council spent hundreds on.


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Does anyone know if they are a legal sign and, if so, what diagram number they are?

I wonder if they're doing a fairly broad subversion of the pedestrian information sign Diagram 857B.


Everything is welcome and that can only be a good thing. Wether it helps or not is very difficult to measure but I would certainly like to see something similar up here. I see the TV adverts for operation close pass are back on the telly, at least someone is aware of the issue.


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The money would be better spent on providing a decent road surface to ride on.

But that doesn't provide a good PR story and the chance for some council jobsworth to get his photo on the BEEB.

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Cycling to work some days each week, mostly on cycle paths and roads closed off to cars :smile:
Noticed all of my close passes have been very near to home.
Last 2 weeks, 2 passes from the same (professional) taxi driver :laugh:
One from a boy racer and one from a young lassie, just shook my head :dry:
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