Samaritans Cycle - 29th June West Wycombe, Bucks

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Looking for a Sportive this summer?
The Samaritans Cycle now in its 3rd year, is the best value sportive in the Chilterns.
It's for a local charity (not big business) ALL proceeds go to the local Samaritans (thank you sponsors).
Three routes - 20, 50 and 80 miles.
When: Saturday 29th June
Where: West Wycombe Buckinghamshire.
What you get for your £30 (£15 for the 20 mile route) is fantastic feed stations with fruit and flapjacks and water refills, scenic views. At the end, a free glass of local Malt Brewery Ale, a free burger (vegan options ava.) and a shiny medal. It's all chipped timed and you can see how well you do for your age group.
For the 50 & 80 mile routes there is also the Whiteleaf challenge.
It's a great chance to cycle with friends for a great charity.
details and how to enter here:
and on facebook

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I did this as my first Sportive 2 years ago, I did 85 miles and thoroughly enjoyed it. Doing it again this year as the encore for my 1000 miles during June, which I am doing for Samaritans for whom I am a listening volunteer. I have done other Sportives since but I have to say this is the best I have done with excellent support from everybody including Samaritans volunteers. I would urge everybody to consider this event both because it is a great event but also a great cause. Thank you.


Comfy armchair to one person & a plank to the next


Comfy armchair to one person & a plank to the next
you should take up the rules with British cycling.
this thread is about promoting a charity sportive to raise money for the Samaritans
You might raise more money if Cycling UK insured you instead, so you had more reasonable rules. ;)

Also, you're BC's paying customer, so you have much more standing to take it up with them. As you can see from the thread I linked, they basically ignore us cyclists, giving an impression which could result in some very dark thoughts indeed!


I think you are being harsh on Samaritans cycle. Fine to point out you can get insurance without restrictive rules, but realistically that’s for future years.

For the record, I’ve done another local charity sportive, which was entry via BC etc, and the helmet rule was stated on entry etc but not enforced.
Samaritans Cycle
You might raise more money if Cycling UK insured you instead, so you had more reasonable rules. ;)


Interesting idea. I couldn't find any links for Cycling UK to provide the same service? (its not just insurance/liability, its the whole event management from course validation, ticket processing, we get a dashboard for online event management, statistics, newsletter/email management (they deal with the GDPR hassles, Signs, banners for the start/end). Do you know how much Cycling UK charge and what they provide? BC charge the entrants £1 per transaction)
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Samaritans Cycle
Thanks to the Stolen Goat Cycling clothing company we are pleased to announce that the top 2 fund raisers will each receive a £50 voucher to spend with the Stolen Goat Cycle Clothing company.

We will also refund your registration fee, if you raise over £100 for our charity.

click on the image to see how to become a fund raiser.

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